PROJECT: Geromella Surf Center

DESCRIPTION: Identity for a surf center from Pomer, little place near Pula, Croatia

DESIGN & ILLUSTRATION: Zvonimir Cacic; PHOTO: Zeljko Vidinovic, Geromella Archive

CLIENT: Wind Association; YEAR: 2017.

PROJECT: Adriana Nautica

DESCRIPTION: Identity for a nautical store from Pula, Croatia

DESIGN & MAIN TYPOGRAPHY: Zvonimir Cacic;  PHOTO: I-Stock Photos

CLIENT: Adriana Nautica d.o.o.; YEAR: 2017.


DESCRIPTION: Identity for a bookkeeping firm from Pula, Croatia

DESIGN: Zvonimir Cacic

CLIENT: Mabita d.o.o.; YEAR: 2009.

PROJECT: Alpha Hbot Clinic

DESCRIPTION: Identity for a medical clinic from Zagreb, Croatia

DESIGN: Zvonimir Cacic

CLIENT: Alpha Hbot Clinic d.o.o.; YEAR: 2016.


DESCRIPTION: Identity for a research firm in Pula, Croatia

DESIGN: Zvonimir Cacic

CLIENT: IEE d.o.o.; YEAR: 2014.

PROJECT: Eko je fora (Eco is cool)

DESCRIPTION: Logo and leafleat for an  eco educational course

DESIGN: Zvonimir Cacic; PHOTO: Various Artists

CLIENT: Diopter Open University, Pula; YEAR: 2016.

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