PROJECT: Arena Turist

DESCRIPTION: Promotive magazine ads for Arenaturist, big hotelier from Pula, Croatia

DESIGN: Zvonimir Cacic; PHOTO: Igor Zirojevic, Dusko Marusic, Zvonimir Cacic, Arenaturist Archive

CLIENT: Mara Agency (for Arenaturist); YEAR: 2009. / 2010.

PROJECT: Istarske toplice (Istrian thermal springs)

DESCRIPTION: Promotive leaflets for Istrian thermal springs from Istria, Croatia

DESIGN: Zvonimir Cacic; PHOTO: Renco Kosinozic, Zvonimir Cacic, iStock Photo

CLIENT: Mara Agency (for Istarske toplice); YEAR: 2009. / 2010.

PROJECT: Girotondo

DESCRIPTION: Promotive leaflets, menus, business cards for Girotondo restaurant (Vodnjan, Croatia)

DESIGN: Zvonimir Cacic; PHOTO: Girotondo Archive

CLIENT: Girotondo d.o.o.; YEAR: 2006.

PROJECT: Istra fest

DESCRIPTION: Promotive leaflet and roll-up poster for istrian gastronomic event

DESIGN: Zvonimir Cacic; PHOTO: Renco Kosinozic

CLIENT: Mara Agency (for Istrian Tourist Board); YEAR: 2008. / 2009.

PROJECT: Istra Lux

DESCRIPTION: Promotive leaflet for electric heating products

DESIGN: Zvonimir Cacic; PHOTO: Istra Lux Archive

CLIENT: Istra Lux; YEAR: 2011.

PROJECT: Economic policy and macroeconomic management

DESCRIPTION: Book cover for a book about economy


CLIENT: Daniel Tomic; YEAR: 2012.

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