PROJECT: Cybernatural Kiss

DESCRIPTION: Wedding invitation


CLIENT: Bozena Skupnjak & Zeljko Bak; YEAR: 2013.


DESCRIPTION: Child birth notice

DESIGN Zvonimir Cacic

CLIENT: Silvia Buttignoni & Ernest Drascic; YEAR: 2010.

PROJECT: Pro Et Contra

DESCRIPTION: Author's solo exhibition catalogue

DESIGN Zvonimir Cacic

CLIENT: Zvonimir Cacic; YEAR: 2011.

PROJECT: Artur diploma

DESCRIPTION: Diploma for successfully completed tourist animation course

DESIGN: Zvonimir Cacic

CLIENT: Mara Agency (for Arenaturist); YEAR: 2009.

PROJECT: Tomaz wines

DESCRIPTION: Promotional leaflet for a famous wine producer from Istria, Croatia

DESIGN & ILLUSTRATION: Zvonimir Cacic; PHOTO: Tomaz Archive

CLIENT: Klaudio Tomaz; YEAR: 2013.

PROJECT: EU Partnership

DESCRIPTION: Multi page leaflet and also poster for youth exchange project

DESIGN: Zvonimir Cacic; PHOTO: Ana Preveden, Denis Sgagliardi, Elvis Fekete...

CLIENT: ZUM Association; YEAR: 2011.

PROJECT: House of Culture

DESCRIPTION: Promotional leaflet for a house of culture in Svetvincenat in Istria, Croatia

DESIGN: Zvonimir Cacic; PHOTO: Andi Bancic

CLIENT: Mara Agency; YEAR: 2009.

PROJECT: ZUM Roll Up Posters

DESCRIPTION: Promotional posters for Youth centre Pula & ZUM Association


CLIENT: ZUM Association ; YEAR: 2010. / 2011.

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